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Larry Goldberg

Headshot of Larry Goldberg

Memorable Experience(s) with CAST:

When I first met David Rose, while I was working at WGBH as head of its Media Access Group and National Center for Accessible Media, I knew that we would be sharing our mission and values in tangible and productive ways. The communities that we wanted to serve together tied our bonds, and as my staff met CAST’s, the relationship just grew and grew.

What Does CAST Mean to You?

CAST means a united team of dedicated people with a passion for the work of making education inclusive for all students. That team has always been open-hearted and welcoming to all who shared their mission and values, and who were willing to build innovations in entrepreneurial ways.

How has CAST Changed Over the Years?

The mission has remained the same -- to put the guiding principles of Universal Design for Learning to work in learning environments everywhere and to empower others to do the same, with quality, care and respect for all.

What Are You Most Excited About CAST Celebrating its 40th Anniversary?

Longevity and sustainability!

Favorite CAST-Related Quote?

We never trademarked UDL because we wanted to share it with the world.

CAST inc. Celebrating 40 Years.

Sharing CAST Stories

At CAST, our UDL champions have played a vital role in shaping our journey, and now it's time to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions.

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