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Jared Joiner

Headshot of Jared Joiner

Memorable Experience(s) with CAST: 

I loved the sense of community I felt while interning at CAST during my master's year. The camaraderie across the team was evident, and I felt so welcomed even though I was there just once a week. It was clear that there was a commitment to supporting learners at the margins to thrive and a work environment in which everyone present was an equal member of the team.

What Does CAST Mean to You?

I am honored that I still have a connection to an organization that provides support to so many educators across the country. CAST is also a symbol of how to approach the important work of including individuals with lived experiences in the designs of programs that are intended to support them. I have lived and breathed that work — even for a semester — deeply influenced my worldview and work in education.

How has CAST Changed Over the Years?

It has grown stronger! And it's impact has grown to the point that there's strong name recognition and understanding of its work in education and other fields.

What Are You Most Excited About CAST Celebrating its 40th Anniversary?

I'm excited that there is an opportunity to look back on CAST's impact, and also to lay groundwork for the next 40 years of transforming learning.

CAST inc. Celebrating 40 Years.

Sharing CAST Stories

At CAST, our UDL champions have played a vital role in shaping our journey, and now it's time to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions.

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