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Deborah Waber

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Memorable Experience(s) with CAST: 

I encountered CAST (forty years ago!) when my friend David Rose and his colleague Anne Meyer boldly founded a pesky little start-up before the word “start-up” was even in our vocabulary.

Founding CAST as an independent non-profit was a huge risk and uncertain future. The thought that CAST would have grown and flourished to achieve the national and international prominence and influence it enjoys today was unimaginable to the founders. Still, they were young, ambitious, optimistic, and willing to take risks.

What Does CAST Mean to You?

David and Anne were visionaries who, back in 1984, recognized that the emerging tech revolution could have major educational potential (Center for Applied Special Technology=CAST). In particular, it could provide a personalized pathway to remove barriers to instruction for individuals with disabilities.

Even more amazing, they understood that developmental cognitive neuroscience was foundational for organizing how the technology would be used. Add a sprinkle of architectural theory and UDL is born!

How has CAST Changed Over the Years?

Building on those two pillars and with the collaboration of many wonderful and talented CAST staff and leaders over the decades, David and Anne's tiny visionary seeds have grown into a lush, thriving forest.

What Are You Most Excited About CAST Celebrating its 40th Anniversary?

First, as a friend of CAST and now as a board member, I remember those early days and continually marvel at how CAST has grown and evolved from strength to its next amazing strength. From providing assistive technology to individual students to becoming a software developer and now as the leading disseminator of their revolutionary vision in the form of UDL, CAST continues to inspire from classroom to workplace, literally worldwide.

So Happy Birthday, CAST! Congratulations on marking this wonderful milestone!

CAST inc. Celebrating 40 Years.

Sharing CAST Stories

At CAST, our UDL champions have played a vital role in shaping our journey, and now it's time to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions.

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