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Chuck Hitchcock

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Memorable Experience(s) with CAST: 

Several groundbreaking initiatives unfolded during my tenure as Chief Officer of Technology and Policy at CAST from 1993 to 2016. CAST pioneered Researchware and the Pioneer Program, offering tailored software to enhance learning accessibility. This caught the attention of Alan Alda, who featured CAST's work on PBS's Scientific American Frontiers.

Additionally, CAST spearheaded projects like the CAST Website, Bobby accessibility testing software, CAST eReader for inclusive learning, Scholastic WiggleWorks literacy software, and the establishment of the National Center for Access to the General Curriculum (NCAC). Collaborations with influential figures like Vice President Al Gore and Martha Minow of Harvard Law School led to significant strides in accessibility standards, including the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS). These efforts continue to shape inclusive education practices today.

What Does CAST Mean to You?

For me, CAST was a supportive place for me to work with others who held the belief that creating the tools and learning environments that could support a wide range of learner differences would increase the likelihood that diverse learners could succeed within our general education programs and become independent learners. None of this important work would have been possible without significant support provided by CAST’s leadership, David Rose and Anne Meyer. I will be forever grateful for the role that they played in our many initiatives over the years.

How has CAST Changed Over the Years?

When I first arrived, CAST was doing terrific work supporting individuals who were not succeeding within the general curriculum. One key change was the development of UDL which acknowledges significant individual differences while promoting and supporting the idea that the tools, materials and learning environment should be flexible and supportive of those differences.

Another change was the support that CAST provided to those of us who felt that we needed to get into the business of changing national policies to improve learning. Progress has been made.

What Are You Most Excited About CAST Celebrating its 40th Anniversary?

It is rather remarkable that CAST still exists and continues to have a significant impact on education. When I look at CAST’s ongoing success, I see a K-12 and higher education environment that is more likely to embrace approaches that improve opportunities for learning for everyone.

CAST inc. Celebrating 40 Years.

Sharing CAST Stories

At CAST, our UDL champions have played a vital role in shaping our journey, and now it's time to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions.

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