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Andratesha Fritzgerald

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What Does CAST Mean to You?

CAST means community to me. I have found such powerful connections with the staff and the UDL community at large. CAST has been a hub of resources, friendship and hope.

How has CAST Changed Over the Years?

I'm grateful for the every expanding catalogue of CAST Professional Publishing. I love the unapologetic approach to reducing barriers by increasing the visibility and diversity of the authors. I'm forever grateful to David Gordon and his team for inviting my voice to the table.

What Are You Most Excited About CAST Celebrating its 40th Anniversary?

I'm excited that CAST is celebrating Forty Forward. I love that we are taking time to honor the past, but as a foundation to moving the work forward.

Favorite CAST-Related Quote?

"Until learning has no limits" is my favorite CAST quote because it establishes a timeline for how long we will do this work and the goal that we are reaching for.

CAST inc. Celebrating 40 Years.

Sharing CAST Stories

At CAST, our UDL champions have played a vital role in shaping our journey, and now it's time to shine a spotlight on their invaluable contributions.

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