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CAST Professional Learning and Publishing help educators and administrators find and implement UDL solutions to improve instructional design and teaching.Through online courses, onsite institutes, customized consulting arrangements, and publishing, CAST connects participants from preK-12, higher education, and informal learning environments with UDL experts who understand how to reach learners in the most effective way possible.

UDL offers a new way of thinking about creating multiple learning opportunities in every area of course design. Once you start thinking this way, the sky’s the limit!


Sandra Yang, Music Professor at Cal Poly Pomona

School districts

CAST invites school leaders, teams and teachers to work together toward sustainable, system-wide improvements through UDL. As a partner, CAST works with its partners to craft customized solutions which may include a blend of services and materials.

Recent partners include public school districts in California, Indiana, Maryland, and New York City.

State departments of education

States departments—including those in Massachusetts and New Hampshire—can have partnered with CAST to create UDL “academies” to deliver blended professional development (online and face-to-face).

Institutions of Higher Education

For many years, CAST has partnered with Institutions of Higher Education, including Boston College and the California state university system, to deliver workshops and courses.  Since 1987, CAST has partnered with the Harvard Graduate School of Education to conduct a summer institute for educators.

CAST is available to consult with college and university professors on course design and implementation through the UDL lens. CAST staff members routinely teach postsecondary courses.

Individual educators

Many educators come to CAST to learn more about UDL and infuse it into their own practice. Still others work with us to become pioneers in their own schools.