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Transform Your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning: Six Steps to Jumpstart Your Practice


Jennifer L. Pusateri



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Photo of Jennifer Pusateri and the cover of her book, Transform Your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning

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Join CAST author Jennifer Pusateri and host Allison Posey to discuss her new book. Transform your teaching with UDL today!

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About the Book

Whether you’re already familiar with UDL but haven’t had the time to think through implementation strategies or are brand new to UDL, Transform Your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning: Six Steps to Jumpstart Your Practice by Jennifer L. Pusateri will enrich your practice and help you reach more learners. The author, who first discovered UDL as an art and humanities teacher at a school for students with learning disabilities, writes:

I saw the brilliance in my students emerge because I was proactively anticipating and removing learning barriers before they even became a problem. I wouldn’t know it until several years later but teaching at that school was my “accidental” introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL).


In this lively book, Pusateri addresses a common stumbling block for educators curious about UDL – how to get started. She describes ways to make a necessary shift in mindset and connects that to practical, UDL-aligned strategies.

Full of helpful exercises and resources, this guide will enable every teacher to proactively plan for classrooms (like yours) that are filled with diverse learners. 

Learn more about the book by downloading a PDF of the Introduction.

Transform Your Teaching with Universal Design for Learning is available in print (224 pages, ISBN: 9781930583955) and accessible EPUB (ISBN: 9781930583948) formats!

Table of Contents

About the Author

Headshot of author Jennifer Pusateri

Jennifer Pusateri is the Universal Design consultant for the University of Kentucky’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) where she fosters the advancement of accessibility and inclusive teaching practices across campus. A member of the prestigious CAST National Faculty, Jennifer regularly presents to school districts, college faculty, and state boards of education across the United States. She also serves as a proud member of her local school board.

Follow her on Twitter at @Jen_Pusateri

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (View as PDF)
  • PART 1: Shifting to a UDL Mindset
    • Step 1: Recognize It’s Not Working for All
    • Step 2: Make an Honest Teaching Inventory
    • Step 3: Acknowledge Your Power
    • Step 4: Accept That Change Is Possible
  • PART 2: Trying Your Hand at UDL Lesson Design
    • Step 5: Seek Out and Reduce Barriers to Engage All Learners
    • Step 6: Commit to Design for Equitable Instruction
  • PART 3: A Collection of UDL-Aligned Strategies
    • Principle 1: Engagement
    • Principle 2: Representation
    • Principle 3: Action & Expression
  • A Final Word
  • Appendix: CAST UDL Guidelines
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author

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