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Access to Digital Materials for Students with Text-Related Disabilities


Joanne Karger & Jonathan Lazar


Perspectives on Language and Literacy




This article summarizes the key legal and policy issues associated with the provision of digital learning materials to students with text-related disabilities, including dyslexia. These issues include the challenges posed by digital text for students with dyslexia. The authors review the legal and policy landscape, including students’ rights under IDEA and disability civil-rights laws, standards for accessibility, guidance provided by the US Departments of Justice and Education, and other developments regarding the accessibility of digital learning materials. The authors also recommend ways to make digital learning materials more accessible and effective.

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Karger, J., & Lazar, J. (2014). Ensuring that students with text-related disabilities have access to digital learning materials: A policy discussion. Perspectives on Language and Literacy, 40(1), 33-38.

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