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Culturally Diverse Learners and UDL


Meia Chita-Tegmark, Jenna W. Gravel, Maria de Lourdes B. Serpa, and Yvonne Domings


Journal of Education




This article describes the mechanism through which cultural variability is a source of learning differences. The authors argue that the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework can be extended to account for cultural variability. They also show how the UDL framework might be used to create a curriculum that is responsive to this cultural dimension of learning. They also suggest that when used in this way, the UDL framework may not only reduce barriers for culturally diverse learners. It can also increase the learning opportunities for all learners--helping them to develop proficiency in a broader range of expressive, analytic, and cognitive styles. They provides examples of UDL procedures, including highlighting patterns, critical features, and ideas, creating a curriculum that provides various problem solving techniques, and encourage personal coping skills and strategies.

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Chita-Tegmark, M., Gravel, J. W., Serpa, M. deL. B., Domings, Y., & Rose, D. H. (2012). Using the universal design for learning framework to support culturally diverse learners. Journal of Education 192(1): 17-22.

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