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Equity and inclusion for all learners should be a primary focus across the globe. The world is changing at an increasing pace—where physical and digital boundaries are blurred—and continuous, life-long learning is critical. Educators facing this critical challenge have a much higher bar of success to reach in order to recognize the full diversity and variability of our population. The science is clear: There is no such thing as the “average” learner, and learning experiences must be designed for all learners.

Learning DesignedTM is a state-of-the-art online platform for professional learning, credentialing, and collaboration. It provides personalized experiences for educators within a robust community of support. Learning Designed harnesses the inclusive, evidence-based, UDL framework to help educators design for learner variability and improve learning outcomes. Learning Designed includes a growing list of global learning resources and field-developed micro-credentials so our education workforce (educators, education leaders, preservice educators, curriculum designers, and product developers) is prepared to support learner-centered design.


Learning Designed: An Education Power Tool for a Changing World

Learn more about Learning Designed. Join the community, earn your UDL credentials and certifications, and meet other like-minded educators focused on Universal Design for Learning.

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We're seeking partners to help us to realize the vision of the scalable platform providing our education workforce with the resources they need for our changing world. For a demonstration of the platform or to discuss shared interests, please reach out to us at

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