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UDL-CCI: UDL Credentials & Certifications for Educators & Product Developers

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Project Name
The Universal Design for Learning Credentialing & Certification Initiative (UDL-CCI)

Project Description

CAST and the UDL Implementation & Research Network are leading a field-building initiative to stimulate, support, and sustain best practices in UDL education program design, product development, and classroom instruction to meet the growing global demand for UDL as a design framework that recognizes variability among all learners. This multi-year initiative will result in an ecosystem of UDL professional credentials and certification opportunities supported with learning resources and a global online community, available on the Learning Designed platform.

Learning Designed is built to support, celebrate, and grow with educators throughout their careers — and is poised to change the way education organizations design, distribute, and promote their work. This new education power tool for a changing world will have the capacity to:

  • Recognize and validate best UDL practices in program design, product development, and classroom instruction
  • Include personalized content delivery, stackable micro-credentials and assessments
  • Promote continued engagement for both individual and organizational memberships
  • Provide a transparent, voluntary, and verifiable process for consumers to pursue their credentials and certifications and demonstrate their competence and expertise to the market


2016 – present


Oak Foundation
Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education


UDL Implementation & Research Network (UDL-IRN)

Project Leadership

Jose Blackorby
Jamie Basham


For inquiries about UDL credentials and certifications in the Learning Designed platform, please email

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