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UDL-CCI: UDL Credentials & Certifications for Educators & Product Developers

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Project Name
The Universal Design for Learning Credentialing & Certification Initiative (UDL-CCI)

Project Description

CAST and the UDL Implementation & Research Network (UDL-IRN) are leading a field-building initiative to stimulate, support, and sustain best practices in Universal Design for Learning. This includes a focus on education program design, product development, and classroom instruction to meet the growing global demand for UDL as a design framework that recognizes variability among all learners. This multi-year initiative has resulted in a growing ecosystem of UDL professional credentials and certification opportunities. All of these are available on the Learning Designed platform and have supporting learning resources and offer access to a global online community.

Currently, there are two UDL credentials for individuals:

  • UDL Associate - Level 1 Credential: Individuals who earn this credential demonstrate an understanding of why UDL is important in today’s learning environments. They can explain the importance of proactive designing for learner variability so all learners have the opportunity to succeed.
  • UDL Core Foundation - Level 2 Credential: Individuals who earn this credential show a more refined understanding of how UDL is used in the design of a learning experience to anticipate variability and reduce barriers. Level 2 serves as the foundation for more advanced, skill-based credentials that focus on UDL application.
  • Stay tuned for the UDL Initial Practitioner - Level 3 Credential, coming soon!

In addition to the credentials, there is a new opportunity for school certification in UDL: the Universal Design for Learning School Implementation and Certification Criteria (UDL-SICC).

The UDL-SICC defines a roadmap for UDL implementation across all aspects of a school, including School Culture and Environment, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Management, and Professional Learning.

The purpose of the UDL School Implementation and Certification Criteria is to:

  • Support an ambitious vision for schoolwide implementation of UDL
  • Provide a flexible roadmap for how to achieve this vision
  • Offer a pathway toward school level certification.

The criteria were developed in collaboration with an advisory board of school leaders who have experience implementing UDL. They were also built on a foundation of Implementation and Improvement Sciences, research from across the UDL field, and years of experience from UDL implementation specialists who support schools and districts.


After using the self-assessment as a district team we saw that each of our schools needed growth in a particular area. This was a great tool to get that conversation and thought process moving.

Mike Nikson, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Sheboygan Falls School District

Having the criteria to reflect on was very valuable. We really had to think about where we are, what we are doing really well, and what we weren't.

Laurie Martin, Social Studies Department Chair, Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation


2016 – present


Oak Foundation
Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education


UDL-SICC Advisory Board

Project Leadership

James Basham, Principal
Steve Nordmark, Director


For inquiries about UDL credentials and certifications in the Learning Designed platform, please email

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