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Content Specialist for Learning Designed

Job type: Full time salaried position
To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to No calls please.

Job Description

CAST is developing credentials and certifications to help qualify competence in and alignment with UDL best practices. These credentials and certifications are available on a system called Learning Designed, enabling educators across the globe to learn more about UDL and voluntarily demonstrate their competence. Our goal is to grow Learning Designed, creating outstanding, industry-leading opportunities for education professionals to benefit from the learning resources and activities available, as well as network with each other.

Critical to the success of Learning Designed is a wide array of high-quality learning resources  and activities that build competence in UDL. CAST is dedicated to establishing a vibrant Content Partner program to curate and create the best UDL learning resources and activities within Learning Designed. CAST is hiring a Content Specialist to help establish, grow, and maintain the highest quality learning resources on Learning Designed, including support of our Content Partner program.


In conjunction with the Learning Designed Team and under the guidance of the Director of Business Development, the Content Specialist will:

Promote UDL Best Practices

Populate Learning Designed with learning resources and activities that:

Nurture Favorable User Engagement

Nurture favorable engagement as measured by focus groups, usage analytics, and online surveys, including the following criteria:

Cultivate Content Partners 




Work Environment

Our work environment is collaborative, high energy, fun, and stimulating. Join us to be part of a passionate learning community dedicated to busting the barriers to learning for all learners.

We offer competitive compensation packages including health insurance, generous vacation, and flexible schedules. CAST is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to employing a highly-qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our communities and nation.

About CAST

Located a short distance north of Boston, CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. As a nonprofit, we know that every employee contributes to our international reputation as a leader in education research, technology, and universal design for learning. Teamwork, risk-taking, and collaborative thinking are essential to the way we work. Most of all, our mission—to improve learning experiences and opportunities for all individuals—motivates not only what we do but how we do it.

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