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The 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: The Future Designed

The 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: The Future Designed | Colorful waves over graph paper with dotted line shapes

Wednesday, July 28 – Friday, July 30, 2021

2020 was a year for the history books, challenging us to make unexpected changes quickly. We also confirmed that dramatic change in teaching and learning is possible. But 2020 also illuminated barriers to learning like never before. How do we ensure that the future is intentionally planned in a way that achieves the outcomes we hope for?

The 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium will highlight promising work taking place in the field and will also serve as a forum to think about how we can begin to intentionally design for a better future right now. This year's event is not about UDL as it has always been. It is about the dramatic changes that we hope to see in the future and the innovations that can lead us there. Join us for a virtual learning and networking experience filled with connected conversations that elevate our thinking around UDL and the future designed.

By engaging in remote sessions that encourage innovative ideas, systemic thinking, and application of theory to practice, participants will:

CAST is not responsible for the content of the presentations. Views of the presenters are their own.

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Scholarships: The Symposium Team has a goal of sponsoring 10 participants to attend this year's Symposium. If you are unable to attend the Symposium without a scholarship, please complete the Symposium Scholarship Application. We are still in the process of reaching out to potential funders and actively working to secure scholarship funds. There is a chance that we will not be able to inform you of your scholarship status until a month before the Symposium.

Paying with a Purchase Order: If you are paying for your Symposium ticket with an invoice, Purchase Orders must be submitted at the time of registration to submit your order successfully. All Purchase Orders should be uploaded to the Purchase Order Submission Form at the time of registration.

Tuition Refund Policy: Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the event date will not be charged. Cancellations made within 30 days – 7 days in advance of the event date will be charged $100. There will be no refund issued for cancellations made within 7 days of the event.

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