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The 5th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: Becoming Expert Learners


Wednesday, August 7 – Friday, August 9, 2019

1585 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA


The 2019 UDL Symposium offered an opportunity to explore what we mean by becoming expert learners. In sessions that encouraged hands-on inquiry, problem-solving, and critical conversations, participants discovered how to teach and practice the habits of resourceful, strategic, and motivated learning. We gained a deeper understanding of expert learning’s purpose and with concrete examples of how Universal Design for Learning helps us achieve it. Together, we harnessed the motivation and the tools to bring expert learning strategies back to our communities — and did so with the support of a new network of colleagues.

The 5th Annual CAST UDL Symposium | Aug 7-9, 2019 | #UDLpower

Experience #UDLpower

We've created a powerful summary of all the social media sharing that happened during the 2019 Symposium. It even includes links to each day's archived tweets so you can experience the full event (about 1200 tweets) at your own pace.

A Social Summary | The 5th Annual UDL Symposium: Becoming Expert Learners


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Wednesday, August 7

Thursday, August 8

Friday, August 9

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