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School Partnerships

Photo of students in a computer lab

Our research projects are typically funded by grants from federal organizations and private foundations. When developing proposals for these grants, we are always looking for schools and districts to partner with us. Our very best ideas come from close collaboration with you, the students and teachers in our public school classrooms. You are the authentic audience for much of our work. When you design with us, you make our work better. When you get involved, we’re able to reach and positively impact more learners and more educators. We need you to help us keep it real!

What does it mean to be a school partner with CAST?

We partner with schools and districts to apply for a variety of research grants, and these collaborations can take many forms. The most common is for you to be involved in the co-design of a technology-based tool, which would involve CAST researchers and designers coming into the classroom at various intervals during the school year to brainstorm, critique, and test-out prototypes we are developing. Another way to be involved is at the end of a project as a test site for an already developed UDL tool where we are gathering input on its usefulness. Both usually involve pre- and post- interviews, observations, surveys, and short assessments. In all of these partnership scenarios, we work to accommodate your schedule and do what works best for you and your students.

Let’s just say that our school is made up of the happiest guinea pigs on the planet.

Principal Partner

Benefits to Students

  • Students’ voices are heard and their ideas are fed into actual prototypes and products
  • Students learn about the design & development cycle through all phases from ideation to creation to testing, perhaps motivating some students to consider a career in research or product development
  • Students learn about and reflect on their own strengths and needs as learners

From a teacher perspective, every CAST member I met really enjoyed being around my students and were truly student-centered. It is a true pleasure to work with CAST.

Teacher Partner

Benefits to Teachers and Schools

  • Use of innovative learning tools and interventions reflecting UDL principles
  • Cutting-edge training in UDL straight from CAST, where the UDL framework originated
  • Ongoing support and training around the tool or intervention, and in the evidence-based practices on which it is based
  • Stipends for teachers and schools

It was great! It was a seamless process. Before we started, I was concerned that the task of participating would become overwhelming and might interfere with my instruction, but the CAST team was very respectful and not overbearing.

Teacher Partner

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in partnering with CAST on the development of a future grant proposal, please fill out this brief form.  

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for educators, teachers, administrators, and organizations to learn about UDL, visit CAST’s professional learning site.