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Research with us


CAST regularly partners with other research organizations, K-12 and postsecondary educators, government agencies and foundations to investigate solutions to challenging questions.

We learn a lot from partners — and they learn from us, especially about applying Universal Design for Learning in classroom practice and product development. 

UDL has come to dominate the field because of its broad applicability and its research foundation in the learning sciences, both cognitive and neurosciences.

National Education Technology Plan, U.S. Department of Education

School Partnerships

CAST collaborates with K-12 classrooms, enlisting teachers and students in discovering better ways of teaching and learning. Learn more about school partnerships.

Research organizations and universities

Recent partners include the University of Kansas, TERC, the University of Michigan, SRI International, and Sesame Workshop.

Government agencies

Federal, state, and local agencies know CAST as a creative, well-managed partner with a proud record of leading major federal centers such at the NIMAS and AEM Centers. 

Partners include the US Department of Education (OSEP, IES), the National Science Foundation, the US Department Labor, and the state of Massachusetts.


Companies appreciate the high-impact value of bringing CAST’s inclusive, evidence-based UDL perspective to the design of educational materials. Recent partners include Intel, Scholastic, and Google.