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CAST regularly partners with organizations in the public and private sectors to explore challenging questions in education. CAST brings a unique perspective from its years of developing the Universal Design for Learning framework to scientific studies in education. Our staff includes experts in human development, neuropsychology, instructional design, literacy instruction, learning analytics, technology design, and more.

UDL is nothing less than a manifesto declaring the right and ability of all learners to soar. At Scholastic, we embrace its moral authority and its business practicality.

Margery Mayer, President of Scholastic Education, a longtime CAST partner

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Research organizations and universities

Partners benefit from CAST’s translational research approach and Agile methodologies to infuse UDL into practical research and research-based practice.

Recent partners include the University of Kansas, TERC, the University of Michigan, SRI International, and Sesame Workshop.

Government agencies

Federal, state, and local agencies know CAST as a creative, well-managed partner with a proud record of leading major federal centers such as the NIMAS and AEM Centers.

Partners and funders include the US Department of Education (OSEP, IES), the National Science Foundation, the US Department Labor, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and public schools systems in New York City, San Diego, Boston, Baltimore and many more.


Early in CAST’s history, we partnered with Scholastic on the development of WiggleWorks, the first universally designed literacy program that went on to generate more than $40 million in sales.

This was the first in many productive partnerships with major corporations, including Pearson, Google, TextHelp, Houghton Mifflin IBM, and others.

These companies appreciate the high-impact value of bringing CAST’s inclusive, evidence-based UDL perspective to the design of educational materials.


Over the years, foundations that aim to solve education’s thorniest issues have looked to CAST for fresh ideas and entrepreneurial solutions.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Oak Foundation, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and the Poses Family Foundation are just some of those funders. For a complete list, see our Funders page.