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Send CAST to SXSW EDU 2020!


Monday, August 5, 2019

Vote for my PanelPicker Idea | SXSW Community Voting: August 5–23

We've put together some incredible proposals for this year's  SXSW EDU Conference & Festival, and now we need your support.

Part of the proposal selection process for SXSW includes community voting. This voting counts for 30% of the total input for which sessions are selected. That's where you step in.

Here’s how to vote:

  • Create an account.
  • Login to your account after confirming your email and go to the PanelPicker to search for entries.
  • Once you’ve selected a session, the “Vote Up” and “Vote Down” buttons are located on the left-hand panel on the session page. If you don’t see this left-hand panel, widen your browser window. It’ll show up.
  • Comment on your favorite sessions and share them on social media!

If you’d like to support our amazing CAST of Characters, here are the 7 wonderful sessions submitted by CAST staff with links to their session pages for your voting-up convenience:

  • CAST's Learning Design Studio
    Melissa Sanjeh & Bill Wilmot
    The Learning Design Studio (LDS) reimagines professional learning, emphasizing educator agency and expertise by building the development of new professional practice into the context of ongoing work. Educators design together—learn, test, give feedback, and reflect while integrating a framework like Universal Design for Learning. Whether permanent or pop-up, educators use the LDS to build their reflective practice to feed their daily work in the classroom. Learn how to build your own LDS.
  • 5 Ways to be an A-11-Y Hero
    Luis Pérez & Cynthia Curry
    Is accessibility ("A11Y") for learners with disabilities among the criteria you, your school, district, or state use when selecting educational materials and technologies? Come learn five guidelines that should be a part of any procurement process and leave with your first action step toward making learning more accessible. You'll be an A11Y hero!
  • Escape Room: Universal Design for Learning
    Allison Posey & Jose Blackorby
    Join us for an escape room adventure where you will use the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to solve a series of collaborative challenges with the ultimate goal: rescuing our stolen robot! UDL is a tool that empowers educators and designers to create learning experiences and curricular materials that are accessible, meaningful, and challenging for the anticipated range of student variability. Each escape room “riddle” will have a specific goal and challenge for participants to cooperatively solve using UDL, including designing a mini-lesson, crafting relevant image descriptions, and analyzing formative assessments. In one challenge, participants will experience a middle school literacy platform designed with UDL. Help us rescue our robot before it is too late!
  • Journey Mapping EdUX Research & Design
    Patti Ganley, Kim Ducharme, & Bill Wilmot
    Learn how journey mapping—a powerful storytelling and visualization instrument—can be adapted to help learning design teams better understand educational experiences and needs, and give agency and voice to participants in the process. Watch CAST’s design, professional learning and R&D team apply journey mapping to empower all educators and diverse learners to share their stories and collaborate on UDL-aligned education research, design, and development. Then, roll up your sleeves and try it out.
  • Co-Designing a UDL STEM Career Exploration Toolkit
    Cara Wojcik, Mike Decelle, Megan Michaud, & Hunter Churchill
    How do we entice students, including those from populations and backgrounds under-represented in STEM, to consider and pursue careers in newly emerging STEM industries where there is not yet an established academic or career path? We will look at how a team representing students, academia, industry, and an education non-profit are tackling this challenge in the emerging field of biofabrication (tissue and organ manufacturing) through a co-design process where student voice is central.
  • Multi-Generation STEM Makerspaces
    Kim Ducharme, Corey Stallings, Jess Gropen
    A makerspace is an ideal setting for youth and parents to connect to learning and build the skills and networks that will reconnect them to school and work. CAST, the pioneers of Universal Design for Learning, is working together with South Street Youth Center to co-design an inaugural program which locates makerspace communities in affordable housing and community centers to build peer-to-peer support and create opportunities for discovery, creativity, innovation, and STEM-focused futures.
  • Inclusive Learning, By Design
    Stuart Brodsky, David Reid, Natasha Krol, & James Basham
    Informed by a panel of educators, designers, and a psychologist, this discussion will explore how the k-12 environment can embrace neurodiversity through curriculum and space. Speakers will articulate the challenges students face today, and the drivers and trends that have led us to believe that shared learning environments allow all students to thrive. Imagine a school that breaks down traditional silos to ensure learning is fueled by neuroscience and transformative design.

Thanks so much for your support! We can't do what we do without you.