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The Anne Meyer and David Rose Founders' Fund for Innovation


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Photos of Anne Meyer, David Rose, Skip Stahl, and Grace Meo

In honor of founding partners, Anne Meyer, David Rose, Skip Stahl, and Grace Meo, the CAST Board of Directors and CEO, Linda Gerstle, created the Founders' Fund for Innovation. The fund celebrates the founders' 33-year commitment to transforming education with the goal of stimulating original and creative work — the hallmark of its founders.

Providing support for staff, the Founders' Fund for Innovation will incent CAST’s committed professionals to extend their ongoing work in new directions, and explore entirely new processes or tools.

High risk/high reward initiatives, large and small, not otherwise easily funded, are ideal for this fund.

Anne Meyer, Co-founder of CAST

This fund will support innovations such as:

  • The creation of new professional learning prototypes that showcase design thinking for multiple audiences
  • The RFP process for staff to research/pilot a new idea with expectation that they will bring a prototype back to CAST that is a ‘product’ of their learning
  • Investing in product development opportunities with private sector partners
  • Launching a peer review journal on learner variability
  • The creation of model learning design labs
  • High risk/high reward initiatives

To honor these iconic change-makers, join the CAST Board, staff, and founders by investing in CAST.  Please make a gift today.

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