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UDL Symposium 2019: How Can Adaptivity Lead to Expert Learning?


Wednesday, August 7 – Friday, August 9, 2019

CAST UDL Symposium, Cambridge, MA

Jennifer Dee
Kristin Robinson

Presentation slides:

Slides: How Can Adaptivity Lead to Expert Learning?


Have you used technology that automatically adjusts to you, based on choices you've made before? You may have encountered this kind of adaptive technology when listening to music, when Pandora or Spotify cultivate playlists based on what you've listened to in the past, or when an exercise tracker notifies you, "You ran this time last week, let's get out there again!" Adaptive tools change based on what the algorithms think you need at that moment. This seems to differ from UDL's goal of creating expert learners, in which students understand their own needs and are empowered to make choices about their learning processes. Can these two different approaches of "provide options" and "provide just the right thing" be reconciled? Can adaptivity be used to enhance the development of expert learning strategies, or are the concepts entirely at odds? Join us in exploring this question, and attempting to leverage technology in new ways to support expert learning.

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