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UDL Presenters’ Academy (SOLD OUT)

Photo of participants at an institute

Monday, May 7, 2018

9:00AM – 3:00PM ET

Please Note: This institute is SOLD OUT. You may add your name to our waiting list.

This boutique-style institute, which is limited to 21 participants, is designed to help educators build professional development capacity within their own school, district, college, or university. In this institute participants will be coached on strategies to deliver introductory UDL content as a UDL facilitator. Because every classroom, school system, and higher ed organization is different and because there is variability within systems, the implementation of UDL in a particular organization will be unique. Having presenters from within an organization lead UDL content delivery and discussion can help align specific initiatives and school processes to the UDL framework. In addition, the UDL presenter can facilitate scaling and optimizing UDL within their organization. It is recommended that participants for this institute already have an understanding of UDL.

Using the UDL framework and its practical guidelines, participants will gain:

  • Strategies for presenting UDL background to colleagues
  • Tips for building Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) around UDL
  • Tools to support lesson development and action planning
  • Resources to deepen understanding of the research behind UDL and the UDL Guidelines
  • Examples of organizations that have implemented UDL and the strategies that they used to implement UDL effectively

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