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UDL Guidelines: The Latest in Brain Science, Research and Practice

UDL Guidelines

Monday, September 28 – Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Foundational to Universal Design for Learning are the UDL Guidelines, which were designed to offer practical strategies to anyone who wants to design instructional goals, methods, materials and assessments that meet the needs of all learners.  Developed by CAST over the course of a decade, the UDL Guidelines integrate the latest brain science with best practices in curriculum design to identify and solve potential barriers to learning.

This institute goes beyond introductory material to explore the UDL Guidelines more deeply, including the research on learning, human variability, and how those play out in the design of instruction. We will also explore specific research, technologies, resources, and readings that will help educators optimize and innovate learning experiences for all students. We encourage participants to bring their own research and resources to share.

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