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Accessible Content and Assistive Technology: Two Sides of the AEM Coin!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

2:00PM – 5:30PM CDT

Charting the Cs 2015 Cross-Categorical Conference
Arrowwood Conference Center
Alexandria, MN

Joy Zabala, Diana Carl, and Joan Breslin-Larson


Educators and families often struggle with questions about accessible educational materials (AEM), assistive technology (AT) and the relationship between the two. Join Joy, Joan and Diana for an interactive session that assists with this struggle by looking at each side of the AEM coin—accessible content, and delivery technology—and concludes with a practical look at where and how to include AEM in the IEP or other service plan.

We will begin with an introduction to the new National Center on Accessible Educational Materials and the resources and services available to all states. Following a brief nod to the statutory requirement for the timely provision of specialized formats of printed materials to students who require them, we will focus on accessibility features to look for in digital materials and the technology and other supports needed for students with to use them well.

In the final section we will explore the inclusion of AEM and AT in the IEP. Participants will look at the seven points in the IEP process where AEM could reasonably be considered and documented. This part will include consideration questions and examples for each point that support use of AEM by students who need them for participation and progress on IEP goals and in general education curriculum.