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Deriving UDL Solutions Template

The Deriving UDL Solutions Template helps you select, assemble, or create flexible learning materials and methods including tools, digital content, and Web-based materials to minimize barriers for your students. You can download it in Microsoft Word or pdf Format, to use on screen or in print.

The template has three parts:

1. The Model Template shows examples of UDL solutions to the anticipated barriers and missed opportunities derived using the UDL Class Profile Maker and the UDL Barriers Finder

2. Examples of UDL Solutions is divided into three segments, addressing the three brain networks: recognition, strategy, and affect. For each, Form 3B offers examples of technology-based tools, media, and methods as well as instructional strategies to expand your repertoire and engage more students. Note that the appropriateness of these solutions and options depends upon your instructional goal. Providing scaffolds such as spell checkers for writing or text-to-speech for reading is appropriate only if the goal of a lesson is focused on process and content, not on writing or reading mechanics.

3. The Blank Template offers structured support for selecting and designing UDL Solutions for your own class.

UDL Solutions Template
MS Word Version
PDF Version

This template was published by ASCD in Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning (Rose & Meyer, April, 2002).

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