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Most classrooms contain as many different kinds of learners as there are students. The brain's recognition, strategic, and affective networks come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns. In anatomy, connectivity, physiology, and chemistry, all brains are slightly different. Some of these differences are dramatic, such as an outstanding talent in music or art, or a sensory disability such as blindness. Some are subtle and harder to spot, such as a preference for working collaboratively or facility with visual information.

Common sense tells us that each learner is unique. Yet we tend to group students in broad categories according to unitary views of intelligence, ability or disability, seeing some as "able," and some as "less able." Instead of grouping students into broad categories, we can maximize learning by becoming aware of subtle and varied combinations of strengths, needs, and interests that each student brings to the classroom.

The UDL Class Profile Maker helps you learn to use the UDL framework of the three learning brain networks to understand your students better.

The UDL Class Profile Maker Tutorial gives you practice in using the UDL framework to develop a class profile of strengths, challenges, and interests.

The UDL Class Profile Maker Tool structures you online as you develop a class learning profile for your own students.

The UDL Class Learning Profile Template is a downloadable template you can use on screen or in print to develop your own class learning profile.

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