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 Tools and Activities

This section of Teaching Every Student supports strategic learning by offering tutorials, tools, templates, and activities to help you put UDL into practice.


* UDL Goal Setter
Helping students meet standards while accommodating learner differences poses a major challenge for teachers. The UDL Goal Setter helps you define clear goals for your class that represent the core instructional purpose of the learning activity and support multiple pathways for achieving the goal.
* UDL Class Profile Maker
The UDL Class Profile Maker helps you understand your students' strengths, needs, and interests as individuals and as a group. The tutorial helps you learn to apply the UDL framework, and the tool and downloadable template provide structured supports for developing a learning profile for your class.
* Curriculum Barriers Finder
No two students learn in exactly the same way, and our students bring increasingly diverse needs, strengths, and interests to learning. Without being aware of it, you may be using methods and materials that pose barriers to some of your students. The Curriculum Barriers Finder tutorial teaches you how to find hidden barriers in curriculum. The tool and downloadable template provide structured supports for analyzing your own curriculum in light of the students in your class.
* UDL Solutions Finder
The central practical premise of UDL is that a curriculum should include alternatives to make it accessible and appropriate for individuals with different backgrounds, learning styles, abilities, and disabilities in widely varied learning contexts. The UDL Solutions Finder Tutorial gives you practice applying CAST's three UDL principles to derive alternative media, materials and methods when planning a lesson or a unit of curriculum. The tool and downloadable template provide structured supports for applying UDL in your classroom.
* UDL Systemic Change Planner
Implementing UDL throughout a school or district takes planning and collaboration. The Systemic Change Planner helps you develop and monitor a school or district wide plan for implementing UDL, and guides you as to how to contribute to change at the national level (policy, publishing practices, teacher preparation).
* Image Collector
The Image Finder and Image Describer tutorials teach you how to find images and create educationally meaningful text descriptions to make images accessible and useful to all of your students. The Image Collector tool helps you find, describe, and save images to use in your classroom.
* TES Journal
Use the online TES Journal to record your ideas, insights, reflections and thoughts.


* Your Three Brain Networks
This activity highlights how the recognition, strategic, and affective networks of the brain work.
* Getting to Know You the UDL Way
In this activity, we invite you to learn about your own three brain networks by imagining yourself working on a group project.

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