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Chapter 1: Education in the Digital Age

This chapter introduces the concept of Universal Design for Learning, a framework that can help you turn the challenges posed by high standards and increasing learner diversity into opportunities to maximize learning for every student.

Graphical Organizer Concept Map:
Chapter 1 Concept Map
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Key Ideas:
  • In a time of greater student diversity, increased emphasis on standards and accountabilitychallenges teachers to help all students achieve.
  • New insights into the learning brain shed light on learner differences and effective uses of technology.
  • UDL seizes the opportunity brought by rapidly evolving communication technologies to create flexible methods and materials that can reach diverse learners.
  • Instilling flexibility into methods and materials maximizes learning opportunities not only for students with identified disabilities, but for all students.
  • UDL is not "just one more thing;" it is an integral component of improving student learning, compatible with other approaches to education reform.
Chapter 1 Links:

Example Example: A school leader describes the importance of digitized curriculum materials.
Resource Resource: Most state and national standards are available online; here is a resource with convenient links.
Chapter 1 Sections:

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