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UDL Science Notebook: Building Teacher Skills


Project Name

The UDL Science Notebook: Scaling an Inclusive Solution to Sense Making in Science

Project Description

The goal of this project is to create a suite of implementation tools and professional learning resources for scaled and effective use of CAST’s evidence-based Science Notebook in a Universal Design for Learning Environment (SNUDLE).  A previously awarded IES funded SNUDLE project developed a first generation of this tool to provide access to and support learning with science notebooks. The project focused on 4th grade students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms whose difficulties reading and writing prevented them from engaging in science; SNUDLE used the Universal Design for Learning framework to lower construct-irrelevant barriers to science learning for these, and all students.  In this current OSEP funded Stepping Up project, the SNUDLE implementation suite will undergo redesign to increase teacher training and capacity to use science notebooks effectively in their instruction, thus improving student science knowledge, motivation for science, and sense making. In this project the team will develop SNUDLE resources including:

  • embedded teacher supports for instruction and student feedback, investigation samples, plans and activities; explanatory videos, and science concept and vocabulary supports
  • a blended professional development and coaching model
  • needs/readiness assessment rubric
  • PLC guides will be created through an agile design based research process

Expected outcomes are: increase teacher preparedness, confidence and competence, thereby improving student science knowledge, motivation, and sense making.  Project performance will be evaluated through formative design based research with seven schools during the Development (Years 1-2) and Pilot (Years 3-4) phases, and through a quasi-experimental dissemination study with ten schools guiding final refinement of UDSN+ before public release.


01/01/2015 to 12/31/2020

Funded by

U.S. Department of Education-OSEP: Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities CFDA #84.327S


Arizona State University

Principal Investigators

Tracey Hall Ph.D. (PI), CAST
Karen Harris, Ed.D. Arizona State University (Co-PI)


Jose Blackorby
Linda Butler
Kim Ducharme
Boris Goldowsky
Kristin Robinson
Amanda Bastoni


Tracey Hall