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CISL: Working to Ensure High Quality Digital Learning for All


Project Title
Center on Inclusive Software for Learning (CISL)

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Project Description

CAST, along with partners from SRI International and the Inclusive Design Research Centre, are exploring and creating tools to ensure that K-12 students with disabilities get engaging, high-quality accessible digital learning materials, especially open education resources (OERs). The products and resources developed by CISL will enable teachers to customize instruction for the diverse needs of students with disabilities.

The robust expertise and technology assets each partner brings to CISL will allow the team to:

  • Determine a core set of features and supports to address inherent access and learning barriers present in most digital and open learning materials
  • Develop an open-source software suite that provides a personalized learning experience for students who use digital content
  • Create industry guidelines and a stakeholder’s group to encourage widespread use of the software

To do this, we need you! Are you working with OERs in your school? Have thoughts about how students could be better supported? Want to work with us to design this next-generation software? We are looking for partners and allies at multiple levels of participation, including:

  • Co-design partners (teachers and students), who will work closely with us to design and test prototypes for the CISL software suite
  • Research partners, who will test releases of the CISL suite and provide detailed feedback
  • Beta-test sites, who will be part of the larger user community for the CISL suite
  • Folks with ideas/tools/software to contribute to this effort
  • People helping boost the signal about the work and software releases

 Fill out our brief information form to let us know you're interested in helping out! Together we can transform the digital learning landscape so that everyone has a chance to engage in, and succeed at, digital learning.


2018 - 2022


Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education


SRI International
Inclusive Design Research Centre

Principal Investigators

Boris Goldowsky, Ph.D., CAST
Jose Blackorby, Ph.D., CAST (Co-PI)
Jutta Treviranus, Ph.D., IDRC (Co-PI)
Jennifer Yu, Sc.D., SRI (Co-PI)


Mia Redovan

Co-design inclusive learning software with us!

If you're a K-12 educator with access to students and are interested in becoming a co-design partner to help us design software for working with digital materials, please fill out this brief form.