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CISL: Working to Ensure High Quality Digital Learning for All

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Project Title
Center on Inclusive Software for Learning (CISL)

Project Description

CAST, along with partners from SRI International and the Inclusive Design Research Centre, will be exploring and creating tools to ensure that K-12 students with disabilities get engaging, high-quality accessible digital learning materials, especially open education resources (OERs). The products and resources developed by CISL will enable teachers to customize instruction for the diverse needs of students with disabilities.

The robust expertise and technology assets each partner brings to CISL will allow the project to:

  • Determine a core set of features and supports to address inherent access and learning barriers present in most digital and open learning materials
  • Develop an open-source software suite that provides a personalized learning experience for students who use digital content
  • Create industry guidelines and a stakeholder’s group to encourage widespread use of the software


2018 - 2022


Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education


SRI International
Inclusive Design Research Centre

Principal Investigators

Boris Goldowsky, Ph.D., CAST
Jose Blackorby, Ph.D., CAST (Co-PI)
Jutta Treviranus, Ph.D., IDRC (Co-PI)
Jennifer Yu, Sc.D., SRI (Co-PI)


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