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New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network

Photo of educators and a CAST UDL Implementation specialist working together at the Year One Kickoff

Project Description

The New Hampshire Universal Design for Learning (NHUDL) Innovation Network is a multi-year professional learning program for New Hampshire educators who are committed to empowering all learners. Working with a team of school-based colleagues, participants in the NHUDL Innovation Network will learn about the UDL framework and be supported as they apply it to practice. Participants will create innovative lessons in Learning Design Labs, understand how students learn by analyzing classroom videos, build a collaborative school culture through Instructional Rounds, and experience the excitement of learning through the UDL lens.

As an administrator and teacher evaluator in two schools where UDL was virtually unknown, I had the opportunity to watch teachers change the way they planned lessons, and those changes could be directly attributed to their knowledge of UDL. Across the board, the single most important factor that initiated the improvement was UDL.

Adam Deleidi, Principal of the William A. Berkowitz Elementary School in Chelsea, MA

#NHUDL: 2018 by the Numbers

Year One for #NHUDL was a Smashing Success!

In Year One, 215 New Hampshire educators from 32 schools and 17 school administrative units (SAUs) took part. New participants are being added in Years Two and Three.

Learn more about the exciting work we've done and what we plan to do to strengthen and grow this unique partnership.


Download the Year One Report


Spring 2018 – Summer 2020


New Hampshire Department of Education

Get involved!

If you are a New Hampshire Educator looking to learn more about this opportunity, contact Ari Fleisher for more information. Follow along with the project using our hashtag, #NHUDL.