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The CAST UDL Symposium


The Annual CAST UDL Symposium is an opportunity to go beyond the basics of Universal Design for Learning and explore the intersections between UDL and larger topics in the field of education. Past Symposia have explored learner engagement, building a UDL community, social justice, and learner empowerment.

This year's Symposium will highlight promising work that is taking place in the field and will also serve as a forum to co-create a vision for how to more explicitly develop UDL as a framework for designing equitable learning opportunities for all.

We will explore questions such as:

  • Can learning be Universally Designed without specifically addressing systemic barriers that perpetuate inequities?
  • Does the UDL framework need to identify ways to dismantle institutionalized inequities?
  • How can the UDL framework become a powerful tool for designing equitable learning experiences without limits? What does learning without limits actually look like?
  • By widening the scope of how UDL defines equity, do we end up watering down its power for students with disabilities?

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