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Workforce Development


The world of work keeps changing. CAST can help you be ready.

Our Vision

We believe learning should have no limits, whether in school or in the workplace. Our vision is for every learner to have engaging opportunities for career exploration and development and to access education and training environments designed with their needs in mind. We also want to equip workplaces with effective practices to see, recruit, and retain diverse talent so these well-prepared learners can shape the workforce of the future.

The reauthorization of the Perkins Act recognizes the fluidity of our current job environment, and demands that employers respond to special populations. CAST knows how to do that. We have tools and technology and capacities that we want every employer to have.

Linda Gerstle, CAST CEO

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What is workforce development?

Workforce development is the ongoing preparation and maintenance of a skilled, talented, and motivated workforce through a coordinated investment in individual skill development and capacity building in schools, organizations, and communities (Jacobs, 2003). Across CAST, a strong and engaged team advances our workforce development efforts.

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Individual Skill Development

Investment in individual skill development is an essential ingredient for promoting workforce development. When individuals have multiple, authentic opportunities to grow skills, they can follow their interests, use their talents and ultimately thrive in the workplace.

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Strengthening Capacity for Career Development

Schools, colleges, universities, and apprenticeship programs are training grounds that prepare individuals for future careers. Supporting and strengthening institutional awareness of the strengths within the variability of future workers and the anticipated needs in the workplace is a critical piece of equitable and effective workforce development.

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Fostering Community

Individual skill discovery and development takes place in an ecosystem that includes not only the individual and educational institutions but the community as well. Fostering and promoting those conditions that build skills and enable everyone to make meaningful contributions creates an environment in which workplaces can find and maintain a skilled, motivated, and talented workforce.

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Jacobs, R. L., & Hawley, J. D. (2003, February). Workforce development: Definition and relationship with human resource development. In Academy of Human Resource Development Conference Proceedings (Vol. 10, pp. 1014-1020).