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UDL Credentials & Certifications for Educators & Product Developers

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Project Name
The Universal Design for Learning Credentialing & Certification Initiative (UDL-CCI)

Project Description

CAST and the UDL Implementation & Research Network are leading a field-building initiative to stimulate, support, and sustain best practices in UDL education program design, product development, and classroom instruction to meet the growing global demand for UDL as a design framework that recognizes variability among all learners. This multi-year initiative will result in an ecosystem of UDL professional credentials and certification opportunities supported with learning resources and a global online community, available on the Learning Designed platform (launching Spring 2018).

Learning Designed is built to support, celebrate, and grow with educators throughout their careers — and is poised to change the way education organizations design, distribute, and promote their work. Learning Designed will have the capacity to:

  • Recognize and validate best UDL practices in program design, product development, and classroom instruction
  • Include personalized content delivery, stackable micro-credentials and assessments
  • Promote continued engagement for both individual and organizational memberships
  • Provide a transparent, voluntary, and verifiable process for consumers to pursue their credentials and certifications and demonstrate their competence and expertise to the market


Began in 2016


Oak Foundation
Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education


UDL Implementation & Research Network (UDL-IRN)

Project Directors

Jose Blackorby (CAST)
Jamie Basham (UDL-IRN)


Visit the UDL-CCI website for background information on the UDL-CCI Guiding Principles, Charter, and a listing of UDL Council members.

For direct inquiries email us at: