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AccessATE: Accessibility for Community College Technician Education

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Project Name
AccessATE (Advanced Technological Education): Making Community College Technician Education More Accessible for Everyone


The National Science Foundation’s ATE program operates throughout community and technical colleges across the USA and is responsible for research on STEM technician education and building the capacity of the STEM technician workforce.

The AccessATE project goal is to support the ATE community and provide grantees with the tools and knowledge to increase the accessibility and usability of their resources and activities. CAST will be providing technical assistance on accessibility and Universal Design for Learning to 31 ATE Centers and 278 ATE research grants.

The three goals of the project are to:

  • Raise awareness of accessibility issues and requirements.
  • Increase understanding of what it means to make deliverables and activities accessible.
  • Provide guidance toward accessibility solutions and support pathways.




National Science Foundation (NSF)


Internet Scout
National Center for Accessible Media

Principal Investigators & Co-PIs

Rachael Bower, University of Wisconsin-Madison, PI
Donna Lange, DeafTEC, Co-PI
Edward Almasy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Co-PI
Sam Catherine Johnston, CAST, Co-PI
Rory Cooper, HERL, Co-PI