Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning

book cover of Teaching Every Student

Anne Meyer and David H. Rose

Harvard Education Press, 2002

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Ensuring that all students achieve the same high standard of learning would be much easier if you could quickly and easily customize lesson plans and curriculum materials to each student’s needs, interests, and skills level. Here’s a book that explains how to make that ideal a reality. Explore the concept of Universal Design for Learning and how it can help you meet standards while you address the unique needs of each student. Drawing from brain research and the power of digital technology, the authors explain how to

  • Set appropriate goals for every student.
  • Choose the teaching methods and materials that give every student optimum instructional support.
  • Ensure the fair and accurate assessment of every student’s progress.

A school case study, a set of templates, and links to online resources get you started in applying the concepts to your classroom. A companion website offers interactive experiences, classroom videos, lessons, online discussions, interviews with experts, student case stories, resource links, and more in-depth information.

What People Are Saying

"...a must-read for teachers and administrators ... Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age lays the theoretical groundwork and offers practical examples and recommendations on how digital technologies can be used to break down barriers to learning that impair the performance of many students."

William D. Plaum, author of The Technology Fix: The Promise and Reality of Computers in Our Schools

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