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Reading for All, Part 2: Finding and Using High-Quality EPUB

graphic showing text being read aloud on multiple devices

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

2:00PM – 3:00PM ET

Luis Pérez, AEM Center and Christine Jones, Benetech            

K-12 Educators and Administrators, AT Specialists and Users, Media and Curriculum Specialists, Families

Level of Expertise


In part 2 of this three-part webinar series on EPUB, you and your team will learn about the built-in features of reading systems that allow learners to personalize and customize their experiences once they have downloaded a high-quality, accessible EPUB title. These features include display options, text to speech, highlighting, note taking and more. If you have a chance before the webinar, please review the recording from the first webinar in this series and Personalizing the Reading Experience for helpful background information.


Unable to attend the webinar?  No worries!  The link to the recording becomes available on this same page approximately one week after the webinar. 

Joining an AEM Center Webinar

The AEM Center uses Zoom for its webinars. If this is your first time attending one of our webinars, we recommend that you review Zoom's information for joining a webinar.

Zoom Accessibility Features

The AEM Center web conferencing system provides access for participants with physical disabilities, blindness, and low vision through a range of  Zoom keyboard shortcuts.  Participants can also view closed captioning during a webinar.  

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