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Universal Design for Learning Implementation Specialist


Join the CAST Professional Learning Team!

Job Type: Full-time salaried position
To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to Jennifer Levine. No calls please.

Inspired by the mission and strategic vision of CAST, the Implementation Specialist plays a key role on CAST’s Professional Learning Team and supports the application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the field of education. As part of the Professional Learning Team, the Implementation Specialist co-designs and delivers CAST’s professional learning opportunities and supports the iterative process of designing, piloting, and evaluating unique learning opportunities so that all learners (students as well as educators) can become more expert learners. This person should be well versed in coaching and implementation and should have 10 or more years teaching/coaching experience. Deep knowledge of UDL is a plus but is not required.

This fall, CAST will be entering its second year of the New Hampshire UDL Innovation Network. CAST Implementation Specialists each provide in-person and remote support to teams of educators from 15-20 schools as they develop and deepen their understanding of UDL and grow in the application of the framework to their own context. The Implementation Specialist will form ongoing relationships and facilitate in-person learning opportunities, which will require an average of two school visits in New Hampshire each week.


Training and Implementation
In conjunction with the Professional Learning Team, the Implementation Specialist will:

  • Collaboratively design, pilot, and evaluate innovative professional learning opportunities for educators, including but not limited to face-to-face workshops, keynote presentations, classroom observations, virtual trainings, and school site visits
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and structure work with UDL implementation teams in New Hampshire to ensure that they define and meet their goals and are provided necessary supports to do so
  • Support teams to develop and use systems for reflection, including examination of student work, analysis of lesson artifacts, and analysis of classroom video data to measure progress in the application of UDL to their practices
  • Collaborate with CAST’s Director of Research and Curriculum to create and maintain a research-to-practice loop
  • Design, pilot, and evaluate innovative professional learning materials (at the resource, activity, and workshop level)
  • Other responsibilities as need to collaboratively support the work of CAST’s Director of Research and Curriculum

In conjunction with the rest of the Professional Learning Team:

  • Collaboratively design and disseminate CAST free resources and webinars
  • Identify needs in the field and design/create resources to meet those needs (e.g. Skinny Books or webinars on specific topics intersections with UDL)
  • Collaboratively vision, plan, execute, and evaluate the annual UDL symposium
  • Other responsibilities as needed to collaboratively support the work of CAST’s Professional Learning team


  • Master’s in Education
  • 10 or more years’ K-12 teaching/coaching experience
  • Experience working with adult learners; familiarity with best practices in training and/or coaching adults


  • Ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team
  • Strong pedagogical and coaching abilities
  • Competency in use of platforms such as Google Drive, PPT and MS Word, including their accessibility features
  • Superior communication skills including listening, demonstrating respect for differing opinions, clarity of expression


  • Understanding of or willingness to learn the core concepts and basic neuroscience of Universal Design for Learning
  • Ability to learn and understand the relationship of UDL to teachers’, schools’, and districts’ current curriculum and instructional practices
  • Organized and self-starting


  • Residence in Massachusetts or New Hampshire required.
  • Must be willing to travel an average of twice weekly to New Hampshire schools.
  • This is a grant-funded position that will last for two years with the possibility of permanent employment at the end of that time.

Send cover letter and resume to Jennifer Levine. No calls please. CAST is an Equal Opportunity Employer.