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Patricia Ganley


Instructional Designer & Media Producer

Photo of Patricia Ganley

As an Instructional Designer & Media Producer, Patti coordinates CAST's school-based implementation of research and development projects, including teacher training, classroom instruction, and data collection in classrooms. She also collaborates with teachers, designers, programmers, researchers, and students to develop technology solutions for these projects.

Prior to working at CAST, Ms. Ganley was an elementary school teacher, a Montessori school administrator, a crisis intervention specialist, an art student and a project manager for educational web tools and literacy software in EBSCO Publishing’s Research and Development Department.

She draws on her experience in the mental health, education and art fields to find creative solutions to learning challenges.


Curiosity is the engine of achievement."

Sir Kenneth Robinson


MEd, Antioch College
BA, University of New Hampshire

Selected Publications

Coyne, P., Lim, S., Ganley, P., Robinson, K., & Daley, S.G. (2013/2014). Universal design for learning: An approach to professional development and literacy in pre-school classrooms. Massachusetts Reading Association Primer 42(2), 6-17.

Glass, D., Blair, K., & Ganley, P. (2012). The Arts Option. In T. E. Hall, A. Meyer, & D. H. Rose (Eds.), Universal design for learning in the classroom: Practical applications. New York: Guilford.

Hall, T.E., Cohen, N., Vue, G. & Ganley, P. (2015). Addressing learning disabilities with UDL and technology: Strategic Reader. Learning Disability Quarterly 38(2): 72-83. doi: 10.1177/0731948714544375.

Cohen, N., Hall, T. E., Vue, G., & Ganley, P. (Dec. 2011). Reading in a UDL-designed digital environment: Assessment and support with the strategic reader. In P. Noyce, New frontiers in formative assessment. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.