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Patricia Ganley


Instructional Designer & Media Producer

Photo of Patricia Ganley

As an Instructional Designer & Media Producer, Patti designs learning environments and materials to support all learners. An important part of that work is including learners and teachers/instructors in the co-designing process to innovate the best solutions for their learning goals.

Patti produces and edits video work for projects at CAST and has worked to provide opportunities for students to use video to demonstrate skills and knowledge. From interviews with opportunity, youth to stop action journey mapping work with teachers she explores the many uses of video for learning.

Another important part of Patti’s work is designing and facilitating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) such as Inquiry Primed, supporting middle school science teachers to better understand stereotype threat and learn strategies for mitigating its effects.

Patti draws on her expertise as a classroom teacher, psychiatric social worker, school administrator and project manager for educational web tools and literacy software to make school a better experience for more people.

The secret in education lies in respecting the student.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Young students in an inclusive classroom having lunch together


I’m inspired by my co-workers’ passion and commitment to serve every learner. Sam Johnston wrote this blog post for the UDL Center, and it calls for us "to broaden how we see and nurture talent and interest," and to protect the opportunities that make an impact on people's lives.

Inspiring the work

I am inspired by the young people I interview for my work at CAST. Like Irvin, their stories of courage and tenacity to overcome inequities motivate me and remind me we're making a difference.


MEd, Antioch College
BA, University of New Hampshire

Selected Presentations

Ducharme, K., Ganley, P., Kent, K., & Sell, C. (2018). Journey mapping in education: Using storytelling and visualization to empower all learners. Workshop at CAST UDL Symposium. Cambridge, MA.

Contours of Inclusion: The Intersection between the Arts and Universal Design for Learning Conference (2009): UDL and Integrating Visual Literacy across the Curriculum. Workshop at VSA Conference UMass Boston, Boston, MA

Selected Publications

Coyne, P., Lim, S., Ganley, P., Robinson, K., & Daley, S.G. (2013/2014). Universal design for learning: An approach to professional development and literacy in pre-school classrooms. Massachusetts Reading Association Primer 42(2), 6-17.

Glass, D., Blair, K., & Ganley, P. (2012). The Arts Option. In T. E. Hall, A. Meyer, & D. H. Rose (Eds.), Universal design for learning in the classroom: Practical applications. New York: Guilford.

Hall, T.E., Cohen, N., Vue, G. & Ganley, P. (2015). Addressing learning disabilities with UDL and technology: Strategic Reader. Learning Disability Quarterly 38(2): 72-83. doi: 10.1177/0731948714544375.

Cohen, N., Hall, T. E., Vue, G., & Ganley, P. (Dec. 2011). Reading in a UDL-designed digital environment: Assessment and support with the strategic reader. In P. Noyce, New frontiers in formative assessment. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.