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Linda Encarnacao


Executive Assistant & Internship Co-Coordinator

Photo of Linda Encarnacao

As Executive Assistant, Linda provides comprehensive, high-level support to Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer, David Rose. Her responsibilities include calendar management, travel arrangements, speaker logistics, internal and external communications facilitation, as well as daily prioritization of needs.

She serves as the support and communications liaison between Chief Executive Officer Linda Gerstle and CAST’s Board of Directors. Linda also provides administrative support to senior management as needed. In addition, she oversees the event logistics for staff retreats and other events throughout the year.

Linda served as the Operations Coordinator for the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) from October 2014 through September 2016. In that role, Linda worked collaboratively with members of the AEM Center Team providing administrative assistance and general support to the day-to-day operations and future planning of the AEM Center work.

She is currently providing administrative assistance and logistics support to the UDL Policy Council that is being formed to establish a national mandate and foundational procedures and policies associated with a voluntary credentialing and certification system for accelerating and expanding expertise in Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Prior to CAST, she worked for several years in the technology sector under various administrative and marketing capacities. Outside the office, Linda enjoys hiking, group exercise classes, cross country skiing, reading, and exploring new places.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Plato


BA, University of New Hampshire


National Center on Accessible Educational Materials