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Kim Ducharme


Director of Educational User Experience Design

Photo of Kim Ducharme

As Director of Educational User Experience Design, Kim Ducharme heads up design strategy and user experience for the development of interactive learning environments and tools that expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. 

She leverages design thinking to catalyze innovation at CAST, leading the creative process from brainstorming through prototyping to product launch. A lifelong learner, educator, and creative problem solver, Kim is committed to harnessing the power of design to tackle the educational challenges of our time.

Kim taught Interactive Information Design at Northeastern University, and founded, a design consultancy for user experience design, information design and data visualization.

Before joining CAST, Kim was with WGBH for 17 years, where she headed up the interactive design group and provided art direction and lead design on a variety of digital projects for major educational initiatives and national brands.


I am inspired by the great data storytellers of our time, and the power and potential of clear and engaging interactive data visualization. I look forward to innovating at the intersection between data design and pedagogical theory, and leveraging the power of data and learning analytics to transform the way we support learning.


Current Projects

EdTech Design Challenge: A Collaborative Adventure that Puts Youth into the Design Seat

National Center on the Use of Emerging Technologies to Improve Literacy Achievement for Students with Disabilities in Middle School

Open Professionals Education Network

Reclaiming Access to Inquiry-based Science Education (RAISE) for Incarcerated Students

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

UDL Science Notebook: Building Teacher Skills

UDL Science Notebook: Student Efficacy Trial


MEd Candidate, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
BFA, Art Center College of Design
BS, San Francisco State University

Selected Presentations & Publications

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