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James D. Basham

Senior Director of Learning & Innovation

Dr. James D. Basham is the Senior Director of Learning & Innovation at CAST and founder of the Universal Design for Learning - Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN). He is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. His overall work is focused on developing future-ready learning environments that are equitable, beneficial, and meaningful for all learners. Across his various funded projects, he is noted for his work in UDL school/systems implementation, STEM education, learner-centered design, online education, gaming, technology development, and personalized learning. Some of his most recent work has focused on the relationship between UDL and learning space design. Dr. Basham is an internationally recognized speaker and serves on various national and international boards for journals, companies, and education organizations.


Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
M.S., Education, Eastern Illinois University
B.A., Special Education, Eastern Illinois University

Selected Publications

Basham, J.D., Smith, S.J., Satter, A.L. (2016). Universal design for learning: Scanning for alignment in K-12 blended and fully online learning materials. Journal of Special Education Technology. DOI: 10.1177/0162643416660836

Basham, J. D., Hall, T. E., Carter, Jr., R. A., & Stahl, W. M. (2016). An operationalized definition of personalized learning. Journal of Special Education Technology. DOI: 10.1177/0162643416660835

Basham, J. D., & Marino, M. (2013). Understanding STEM education and supporting students with universal design for learning. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45(4), 8-15.

Basham, J. D., Israel, M., Graden, J., Poth, R., & Winston, M. (2010). A comprehensive approach to RTI: Embedding universal design for learning and technology. Learning Disability Quarterly, 33(4), 243-255.

Basham, J. D., & Marino, M. T. (2010). Introduction to the topical issue: Shaping STEM education for all students. Journal of Special Education Technology, 25(3), 1-2.

Basham, J. D., Israel, M., & Maynard, K. (2010). An ecological model of STEM education: Operationalizing STEM for all. Journal of Special Education Technology, 25(3), 9-19.

Basham, J. D., Meyer, H., & Perry, E. (2010). The design and application of the digital backpack. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 42(4), 339-359.

Basham, J. D., Stahl, W. M., & Hall, T. E., & Carter, Jr., R. A. (2017). Establishing a student-centered environment to support all learners. In C.M. Curran & A.J. Peterson (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Classroom Diversity and Inclusive Education Practice. Hershey, PA: IGI Global

Basham, J. D., Koehler, C., & Israel, M. (2011). Creating a “STEM for all” environment. In C. Johnson (Ed.), Secondary STEM education reform (secondary education in the changing world) (pp. 1-25). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillian.

Basham, J. D., & Blackorby, J. (in press). UDL Next: The future of the framework. In K. Lowrey, (Ed.). Critical Issues in Universal Design for Learning. Oviedo, FL: Knowledge by Design.

Basham, J.D., Han, K, Zhang, L., & Yang, S. (in press). Considering the fourth industrial revolution in the preparation of learners with and without disabilities. In Yuen, M., Beamish, W, & Solberg, V.S. Career Development and Transitions for Students with Special Educational Needs. Singapore, Springer.

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